Shorebag Information

Shorebags form a temporary soft bulkhead that can be installed quickly and removed easily. Our product and installation process can offer you the security of protecting your property while preserving its aesthetic beauty -- all without damaging the environment.

Product Details

A Shorebag, also known as a geo-sand cube, is an advanced 3-foot cubed sandbag that holds 2500 pounds of material. It is made of a soft porous material with integrated straps for linking them together. The cubed shape allows them to be stacked into a stable structure to defend your existing dunes or bluffs.

Shorebags are a strong and proven technology that is similar to what was used in New Orleans to stop the powerful flood surge after the levees broke. Once they are filled with sand from your own beach, the linked and stacked, Shorebags create a barrier to the force of waves during storms.

How They Work

Most efforts to stop beach erosion have failed or even accelerated the process. Sea walls, groins, solid bulk heads and the disastrous jetty systems have all results in greater property loss. In some instances, these manmade structures will build up the beach in one area only to produce disastrous results in a neighboring area. When combined with the natural elements that cause erosion, these other manmade barriers take more and more land until there is none left. Shorebags allow you to stabilize the area and stop the threat of further loss of valuable real estate. Once your property is secured, further fill can be used to rebuild. It is best to stabilize and shore up your property now, before further erosion happens, to ensure that you can rebuild later.

The energy of a wave is the engine that drives the erosion process. The force of each wave turns your beach sand from a solid to a solution. This water-sand solution is then easily carried away by the prevailing currents. Once your sand enters that current, you will never see it again. Solid structures usually result in a net loss. The energy in each wave is just redirected when it hits a solid structure like a jetty or groin (groyne). One area may be safe, but the neighboring areas will suffer.

The Shorebag is different. Instead of redirecting the energy of the wave, the Shorebag absorbs it. Once linked and stacked, their porous material and interior sand can absorb the force of the wave and provide shelter for your property behind them. The porous shell allows for the water to actually pass through without weakening the overall integrity of the structure. Each diminished wave has less power to carry away your beach. The erosion process stops at the bag.

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A video of Shorebags protecting a beach house in Wainscott, NY: